My name is Richard Croft, and although I may not look it, I am almost two hundred years old. How is that possible? The fact is, although my mother was human, my father, Asterion, was a DEMON. Welcome to my world.

I will be telling my story in a series of books, and so I am developing this website in order to share with you some information about it. The first book, Sons of Asterion, explains my family history, and tells of my conflicts in 2012, both with members of my own family, and also with a particularly evil Magus named Prime.

The second book, The Novitiate, relates the supernatural events around my travels to Sicily in 2013, specifically meeting with an occult group that calls itself the `Cristalli`. The Masserias, an extremely vicious Mafia family,  were also involved.

Both books are now complete, and I am looking for a publisher. Any help is welcomed. To generate interest in the series I have made ‘Asterion’ available by publishing it as a Kindle book on Amazon.

The third book, Hellfire, will tell of my family’s link with the notorious eighteenth century Hell-Fire Club of Medmenham Abbey and West Wycombe, both in Buckinghamshire, and of the paranormal activities that took place there in and around the Hell-fire caves late in 2014, early 2015. This book will be finished by the end of 2015.

The fourth book, Occult Vegas, will recount my battles with Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, and her thirst for revenge on me, after my destruction of one of her favourite minions. As the title hints, the action mainly takes place in ‘Sin City’ … Las Vegas, Nevada. 2016 has been pencilled in for its completion.

The fifth book will be titled Trinity, and will be a ghost story based in Newfoundland in 2017/2018.

As for the others, you’ll just have to wait.

Richard Croft


The image of Luray Caverns, Virginia, used for both the banner of this website and the cover of the book Sons of Asterion, was made available by the photographer Paulo Ordovezo of Washington DC under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Our use of his image in no way suggests that he endorses us or our use of his work:
Luray Caverns "Dream Lake" (8041060683) (2)

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